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How Much Gambling Winnings Are Taxable?

Last updated on July 17, 2021

Gambling winnings are taxable- Taxes are a painful thing to face. And if you are playing in a casino, there is a huge chance that your winnings are actually being taxed. It is a good thing that we will explain all about taxed winnings.

Because some of you might ask how much gambling winnings are taxable right? The answer is simple. It is anywhere around 10 % up to 30 %. This depends on the casinos that you are visiting. Higher end casinos have a slightly more tax. But usually, each country should have its own benchmark on taxes.

Why Should Gambling Winnings be Taxed?

Well to make it short, gambling winnings is important to keep the state running. Each state, city, or town will make a lot of money from taxes. Take for example Las Vegas or Macau.

These places can only survive due to the taxes that they put. Not only on gambling winnings, but also on other things. There are other things that are being taxed too. Such as alcohol as well as cigarettes. 

Do not worry because you would still have a lot of money that you get after you win. The taxes are usually taken when you have just won a sum of money. Say for example you won $100. Being taxed with around 10% means that you would receive $90 into your balance. 

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How Much Gambling Winnings Are Taxable?

All of the money that you won can be taxed by the government. This is because you are playing in an official casino. Hence you are also provided with safety, fairness, as well as security. In exchange, you would have to pay a sum of fee that is called as taxes.

It is quite the trade because you also receive services too. The average amount of money that are being taxed is around 24 %. This amount in itself is already considered as high.

Casinos such as Macau and Marina Bay Sands have a significantly lower tax rate. Their tax rate ranges from 10 % up to 15 %. Whereas European and American casinos would tax you more. Such as over 20 % and over.

Notice that you could also be taxed for booking resorts and so much more. So understand that not all the taxes go to the gambling winnings. Don’t worry about tax problems in gambling, judi slot online terpercaya provides the best for you.


Gambling winnings that you have received will be taxed according to the casino. Each terms and conditions should be known beforehand. The amount of money that you will be taxed with will never go above 25%.

This is a factual thing and no casino can tax you way too much. Because you are also putting your money on the line. The tax money is worth it because you are also being provided a place with high quality game.

That is all about how much gambling winnings are taxable. Thank you for reading and understand that each casino will have its own tax count. So do not be surprised when your winnings are deducted from taxes. / Aha