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How to Fast Payout in Casino with Passport or ID Card? 5 Best Steps

If you win at a Pkv Judi qq casino and want to cash out your winnings, you may ask how to fast payout in casino with your passport or other form of identification. It’s a good idea to keep that copy safe.

If you have made a bigger profit in an online casino for the first time and want to cash out your winnings, the casino may request a one-time copy of your passport or other identification, such as your driver’s license or identity card.

The casino requires this copy in order to prevent identity theft: they want to ensure that you are who you say you are. Other types of fraud, such as money laundering, become more difficult as a result.

How to Fast Payout in Casino

You have two options for fast payout in casinos, for making a secure copy of your passport, driver’s license, or identity card: manually or using a special app developed by the government.

1. Take A Photo

No, not a photo of you but take a photo or scan of your passport, driver’s license, or identity card with your phone. For the scan, you can use a mobile application for smartphone. 

2. Digital Copy 

Make a note of who the copy is for and the date on the digital copy you now have. 

For example, Copy for: XYZ Casino and The year is 2021, and the date is January 8th. 

If you’re using Windows, a program like Paint can help you out. Paintbrush, for example, is available for Mac users. There are also numerous photo editing apps available for your smartphone.

3. Personal Number

Make your BSN (Citizen Service Number) and personal number unreadable as well. On your passport, this number appears twice: once in the middle and once at the bottom.

4. Make A Copy 

If you prefer to work with paper, photocopy your passport, write the name of the receiving casino and the date on it, cross out your citizen service number with a black marker, and scan or take a clear photo with your smartphone.

5. Email to The Casino 

You now have a secure copy of the document that you can send to the casino via email. You can usually upload the file to the casino’s website as well.

Make A Safe Copy for Your Personal Information

It is even simpler to use a special app developed by the federal government. Surprisingly, the app’s name is CopyID, and it’s designed to prevent identity theft using a passport, driver’s license, or identity card. The app is simple to use, completely free, and completely safe.

1. Get the app on your device. CopyID is a mobile application for Android-based smartphones

2. Using CopyID, photograph your ID

3. With one swipe of your finger, you can conceal your citizen service number

4. Enter the recipient’s name and the reason you’re sending a copy of your ID 

5. The app will automatically include today’s date on the copy

6. Your secure ID copy is ready. You can now send it by email or save it

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations commissioned the creation of the app. The copies are kept on your phone and shared only with your permission.

So, those are how to fast payout in casino with your personal information like passport and identity. However, you should make it safe and confident. 

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