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History of Poker Game: First Time Introduced in 1377

Last updated on August 16, 2021

History of Poker Game: First Time Introduced in 1377 . In gambling world, poker can be said as one of the popular card games that are offered in many professional gambling sites. Poker itself is basically a card game that is using card ranking to decide the winner. The winner of this gambling game will be the player with the highest value cards based on the rule.

Popular as one of the most popular gambling games, only some people know that this game actually has a long enough history behind it. Maybe you are one of those people who also don’t know the history of this poker card game.

For those of you who have never heard the history of this card game, through this article, we will share little information about the history of poker game. Interesting to know. Just check the full explanation below.


History of Poker Game Based on Wikipedia

Based on information that we collect from Wikipedia, it is explained that poker was introduced by a pastor from Swiss named “John of Rheinfelden. He played this card game for the first time in 1377. At that time, John used 1 deck containing 52 cards to play.

Another story came from china. There is a story from China that is about a card game similar to poker. It is explained that people in China started to play classic cards that are similar to poker around the year 950. But at that time, the total cards that were used to play were not 52 cards. Card games with 52 cards started to be played in China in 1377, the same year when John of Rheinfelden started to play poker.

Still talking about the history of poker game, India also has a note about the history of poker. In India, it is explained that there was a card game that was also similar to poker. That card game was known by the name “teen patti”. Teen patti can be said to be similar to a poker game, because this card game was also played using 52 cards.

First Version of Poker Game

Besides all the data that we collected from wikipedia before, there is also an article in that is telling about the first version of poker. Based on a script published by Joseph in 1829, it was explained that the first version of poker was a game named The Lying game. 

Based on script published by joseph in 1829, he says that poker had been brought by England to America. In 1850, some gamblers in riverboat, Mississippi started to play this card game and named it poker.

Poker Game in Modern Era

Today, poker is not gambling game that you only find in bars or casinos. There are many gambling game providers like Pragmatic Play and IDNPlay that bring this card game into the browser game version. So you can play poker online easily through your Smartphone and Computer.

There are many gambling sites that offer poker as one of their games, you just need to search them on your browser. But for this one, you need to be careful, because some gambling sites are scammers. If you really want to play this game, you better choose gambling site that has a legal certificate from gambling company.

That is all the information we have collected about the history of poker game. We hope you enjoy reading our article. Do not miss other unique articles that we will prepare for next. Thank you for reading. / Dy

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