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6 List of World Famous God of Gamblers And Their Cheating Actions

The nickname of the God of Gamblers does not always represent the quality of the gambling skills inherent in the person who bears it. There are several God of Gamblers who apparently only play tricks to win the gambling game they are playing.

Repeated trick games also create great chances of winning.

As a result, the God of Gamblers always wins and continues to win. In fact, this God of Gamblers has cheated. Want to know which God of Gamblers are claimed to have cheated? Let’s follow the information on the god of gambling’s cheating action below. 

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6 List of Famous God of Gamblers With Cheating Actions 

Reported from several article sources, there are 6 fraudulent acts of the God of Gamblers that have been successfully summarized by the writing team. These six actions are carried out by figures who we know have god-class gambling skills, aka above average.

Curious who figure we mean? Here’s the full review;

The God of Gamblers Richard Marcus’ Cheating Action

Richard Marcus once earned the nickname the God of Gamblers. It was because he displayed amazing gambling skills . His actions make anyone chuckle in awe. Unfortunately, his prestige immediately dropped after the casino caught the cheating God of Gamblers. Apparently, all this time Marcus played gambling and won gambling continuously because he played certain tricks. 

Richard Marcus’ Cheating Tricks

There are two fraudulent acts of the God of Gamblers who is usually called Marcus. The first trick is the trick of placing bets at the end of game time. By playing this trick, Marcus can read the current game situation.

For example, Marcus will immediately place a bet in the final moments of the game if he sees any signs he will win. On the other hand, it will not place a bet when it has only a small chance of winning. 

Actually this kind of action does not include cheating, but only a strategy that is commonly used when playing gambling. No player is harmed from implementing this strategy. It’s just that, to play this strategy, it takes speed of thought so that it is not inferior to other players. 

Marcus also often plays this second trick, which is to hide two chips that are worth 5 dollars and 500 dollars, respectively. He will then wait for the right moment to remove or keep one of the chips hidden.

Chips worth 500 dollars will be issued if Marcus has a chance to win. However, if the situation is different, Marcus will issue another chip, namely a chip worth 5 dollars. This trick seems to be very effective because it has brought Marcus a lot of dollars. The God of Gamblers cheating action was finally exposed after the casino suspected Marcus. 

The casino dealer suspects Marcus because Marcus often issues chips of the same value. Upon investigation, facts revealed that Marcus had apparently hidden two chips. Do not imitate this action, my friend.

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Keith Taft’s God of Gamblers Cheats

Blackjack: Portrait of Keith Taft in his office with computer and electronic apparatus and special glasses that help determine his bets. Reno, NV 1/11/1979 CREDIT: Mickey Pfleger (Photo by Mickey Pfleger /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images) (Set Number: X23046 TK1 R15 F35 )

Keith Taft is one of the juniors on the list of another famous God of Gamblers, namely Edward Thorp. Both are alumni of the same college. Taft admired Thorp so much. He was then inspired by Thorp’s work, which is nothing but a mathematical formula that can be very effective at winning poker. 

George & David: Taft’s Tool for Winning Gambling

Taft then created a device which he named George. George is a multipurpose God of Gamblers Taft support tool. This tool is operated manually and is large in size. Judging by size alone, George is very impractical. 

This George was apparently once used by Taft to ‘help’ him win a game of blackjack. The trick is to use Taft’s toes. And lucky! Taft managed to win this game and take home a sizable prize money.

From this inaugural victory, Taft was increasingly motivated to make more devices. He then planned to make a more practical device. This device he named David. This one device is not only more practical, but also more sophisticated. To operate it, we need a team. 

This team has their own duties, and David must be operated together with George because these two devices are made to complement each other. There is one member who acts as a player, and the other members are in charge of monitoring the course of the game with the help of these two devices. 

Chronology of Taft’s Cheating Actions Revealed

The God of Gamblers Taft’s cheating action began with the process of sending a signal by David to team members who acted as players at the casino. From here, this player gets a ‘leak’ that describes the situation of the game. With the help of a video camera, the monitoring team can record and see the cards held by the dealer. 

Well, from this recording, the monitoring team will inform the player on duty about what cards are currently being held by the dealer. With this trick, the player can make the right decisions in order to win in that round. 

The God of Gamblers Taft’s cheating actions were revealed after a casino officer suspected a truck parked not far from the casino. The officer also saw several members of the Taft syndicate team going in and out of the truck-casino. 

With the assistance of a police officer, the officer conducted a search of the contents of the truck. The two found a visual recording that was apparently taken from a mini video recorder made by Taft. 

The tape shows the dealer’s cards. With the help of this visual recording, the player who is on duty can easily win the game. All members of this team were then arrested and sentenced to prison for 60 days, while Taft was ‘safe’ because at that time, Taft was not at the location. 

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The God of Gamblers Cheats Louis Colavecchio


Colavecchio is the only gambler who does not require a dime when gambling. Why? Because he was able to make imitation items that were very similar to the real items. One of the counterfeit items that he often uses to play his favorite gambling are coins or tokens on slot machines. 

Because the physical appearance of the coins made by Colavecchio looks like the real thing, many casino officials are fooled and easily exchange these coins for cash. It is indeed difficult to distinguish these fake coins from the real coins. Requires special tools such as a special microscope to detect it. 

The God of Gamblers Colavecchio’s cheating actions were exposed when one of the casino officials suspected the arrival of Colavecchio who often exchanged coins from slot machines. After going through the investigation process, it turned out that the coins were just imitation coins. The man’s cheating act, nicknamed ‘The Coin’, was also rewarded in the form of imprisonment. 

After this case, most modern casinos implemented new rules. Slot machine tokens no longer use coins, but voucher sheets made of paper. This voucher will later need to be exchanged for cash at the cashier desk which is located not far from the slot machine. This is done to avoid the same fraud. 

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The God of Gamblers Cheating Action Tommy Glenn Carmichael


The name Tommy Glenn Carmichael is certainly very familiar to you fans of slot machine games. Glenn was once nicknamed theGod of Gamblers for slot machine games because of his cleverness in conquering slot machines. Unfortunately, this nickname is no longer used after the public found out about this one god of slot gambling cheating. 

From a young age, Glenn was known to be smart in tinkering with any machine. He was even successful with the TV repair business he had built. In the past, he has also started a side business such as opening a shop that sells various merchandise and TV accessories. Since he was the only person who owned a TV repair business, his profits continued to increase. 

Starting from Glenn’s Curious Attitude

He then became interested in studying slot machines. He was very curious why many people find it difficult to win from slot machines. He then bought a miniature slot machine complete with a device that he said could mess up the machine system. With a few modifications, this tool made by Glenn was then tested on a real slot machine. Shocking! Glenn managed to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money from the slot machine. 

The cheating God of Gamblers named Glenn was exposed and he was sentenced to prison. After being imprisoned, Glenn notices a change in the current slot machines. Apparently, the old slot machines have been replaced with new slot machines due to Glenn’s actions.

Glenn was curious again. He then disguises himself as a visitor to a new slot machine manufacturing factory. After finishing studying the system on the slot machine, Glenn then made a tool called the ‘monkey paw’. This tool is very practical to use. Players only need to insert the tool into the payout hole on the slot machine. 

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Monkey Paw Buatan Glenn

This monkey paw can mess up the system on the machine and make the machine look like an error. All slot machines if an error is detected will usually issue payouts automatically. From this fraudulent action, Glenn once again got hundreds of thousands of dollars from a slot machine that incidentally was still the latest release. 

For the second time, Glenn was involved with the police and he was re-entered prison on September 7, 2001. Because Glenn was considered very skilled in making devices that could disrupt the computerized system of slot machines, he was then asked to cooperate with a slot machine manufacturer. 

Glenn was asked to create an anti-hack tool for the world’s slot machines. He is also willing and until now he is actively campaigning for anti-cheating, especially for slot machine game enthusiasts. 

God of Gamblers Ida Summers’ Cheating Action


Ida Summers is famous for being very slick in playing her underhanded tricks. How not, even though many players know about the game patterns and tricks that Summer often does, they can’t do anything because of the lack of evidence. 

Reportedly, Summers often takes advantage of his attractive physical appearance to outwit his opponents. It is a fact that many players claim to have been drugged by Summers’ beautiful looks and her always flashy and sexy looks. 

Trik Hand Muckingdan Switching In Coolers

Summers is famous for the two types of tricks he often plays, namely hand mucking and switching in coolers . Both of these tricks require good hand speed skills . Without this skill , these tricks will be easy to detect. 

This hand mucking and switching in coolers is a trick to hide cards in no time. Summers made a very fast move to hide the cards. If needed, Summer will issue the card. 

Trik Deck Switching

There is also a deck switching trick where this trick is played with the aim of moving cards in a very short time. You could say, this trick is very effective for exchanging old cards with replacement cards. If the trick is done correctly and quickly, these replacement cards can provide a great chance of winning. 

The three tricks above will be very risky if not done properly and quickly. Summers is indeed a brave and skillful person regarding the tricks he plays. The reason is that the sanctions given to players who were proven to have cheated in the past were much heavier than today. Amazingly, Summers was able to escape the risk of being penalized. 

For more than 20 years, Summers has enjoyed his adventures at the gambling table. Millions of dollars has been earned. She is also known as the goddess of gambling whose fraudulent actions are never exposed. After being satisfied with being one of the best gambling players in the world, he decided to retire. 

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Archie Karas Cheat Tricks


Archie Karas is also no less fortunate than Ida Summers. With only 50 dollars in capital, he was able to bring home a 40 million dollar prize money from playing poker. Not surprised if he ever got the nickname the God of Gamblers at that time.

Rekor Karas

There are interesting facts from Karas before this God of Gamblers cheating actions were revealed. Karas once got a record as a gambling player who had never lost in a period of 3 years (1992-1995). This record is the longest record ever. 

The first time Karas set this record was when Karas visited a casino with 50 dollars in his pocket. The first round he managed to win and get a prize of 10,000 USD. 

This first win made Karas addicted to playing again, and luckily he won. Karas won consecutive wins until that night, the greatness of a Karas had surpassed the previous best player record. 

This moment later became the starting point for Karas to venture into the world of professional poker. He also officially became a professional poker player. Even the name Archie Karas was juxtaposed with Nick Dandolos, the best poker player of all time. He has been dead since 1966. 

Another record achievement that has been given to Karas is a record where Karas has only lost once in 3 years. Extraordinary. In 3 years, he lost just once. This record further strengthens his image as the world’s best poker gambling god. 

Career Karas Dimming

Maybe the goddess of fortune will no longer ‘accompany’ Archie Karas throughout 2008 and beyond. Karas’ performance is getting worse day by day. His wealth is also reduced because he always uses it as gambling capital but the results are again losing. 

Once in a day, Karas spent 1.2 million USD as gambling capital. Unfortunately, he didn’t even win. He continued to follow game after game and bore bitter fruit. He never won. And so on until all the assets run out to play gambling. 

Then in 2013, Karas once again tried his luck at the blackjack table. Because he was shrouded in despair over the thousands of defeats he had previously experienced, this time Karas played using a certain trick. 

Apparently Karas had marked a number of blackjack cards before they were played. The gambling god’s fraudulent actions were caught by the casino officers and that same day Karas was taken to the nearest police station. 

After going through the investigation process, Karas was found guilty and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. In his confession, it seems that Karas’s fraudulent act is not the first. Karas has done the same in casinos in California. 

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The God of Gamblers cheating actions are real. There are various tricks used. Call it the hand mucking trick , switching in coolers , and deck switching a la Ida Summers. There is also a trick to make fake coins that look very much like the real coins. This trick is a master trick Louis Colavecchio. 

Archie Karas also did not want to be left behind. Although the tricks that Karas plays are simpler and less cool, the tricks for marking some blackjack cards are quite effective in bringing about victory. Apart from tricks, there are several other gambling gods who rely on a special tool to manipulate the casino. For example, a tool called Monkey Paw is very powerful for disrupting computerized systems on slot machines. This tool is the work of Tommy Glenn Carmichael. 

Keith Taft, a genius man who is apparently very good at making multifunctional machine tools is no less clever. Unfortunately, he used this gift of intelligence to make a machine tool named George and David. These two machines become ‘tools’ for the team to win gambling by cheating. 

The last world-famous God of Gamblers cheats is Richard Marcus. The trick he uses is the hand speed trick. Where in just a few seconds, he was able to hide two chips with different values, namely 5 dollars and 15 dollars. One of the chips will be issued if needed. 

In conclusion, some of these cases are clear evidence that gambling will not have a positive impact on the players. On the other hand, gambling more often has a negative impact on the lives of every player. 

The negative impact experienced by some of the gambling gods above occurred not because of the fraudulent actions they had done. Archie Karas is a vivid example. Before he decided to cheat, his career faded and eventually fell into poverty due to gambling. This condition then triggered Karas to choose a shortcut to win, namely by cheating. 

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