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6 Game Android Support to Gamepad

Last updated on July 17, 2021

6 Game Android Support to Gamepad – Nowadays almost everyone has switched to using an android smartphone. The reason is, Android is able to meet various needs such as entertainment, education, lifestyle, and news. Where in the past to enjoy games, people usually used a gamepad. To treat nostalgia, there is nothing wrong with trying the android game support to the following gamepad.

6 Game Android Support to Gamepad

Whether we realize it or not, many game developers like present the latest android game ideas. In fact, not infrequently including developing android games support to a gamepad Of course, the quality of the games presented is no less exciting. Check out the full review below.

1. Modern Combat 3, 4, and 5

Modern Combat 3, 4, and 5 are included in the FPS game category which is very popular with mobile game fans. In addition, game franchises can stabilize game fun and playtime. There are a variety of gokil and epic fighting missions.
One of the advantages is that the Modern Combat franchise is an android game support for a gamepad. So that various interesting and exciting features are easily accessible. The modes provided are complete, namely single player and multiplayer.

2. Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas is a game that was adopted from the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. This one game must be played together with friends. One of the advantages is that it presents an epic 3D graphic display. There are also many variations in gameplay with a bigger map map than its predecessor series.

If you try the Gangstar Vegas game from a gamepad, it is considered much more exciting. Also supported by the completion of quite challenging missions. Players can do car races and gunfire if needed.

3. Batman: The Enemy Within

Batman: The Enemy Within is an android game support for the best gamepad. Where the game features a phenomenal hero, Batman. In this game, the Batman character goes through a gloomy life while living in Gotham City. The gameplay provided is adopted from the DC comic series.

4. The Walking Dead Franchise

The Walking Dead game available on Google PlayStore is predicted to be the best game that supports gamepad. This game is very thick with the nuances of mystery and the action genre.

The main focus of The Walking Dead Franchise is the journey of the main characters in each season. Like the characters Javi, Lee, Michonne, Clementine, and others.

5. Six Guns: Gang Showdown

Six Guns: Gang Showdown takes players through an era of the wild west filled with bandits and cowboys. It will be more satisfied if you try to play via a gamepad console. Even more so when there are many enemies that have to be eradicated.

Players will enjoy the experience of riding a horse while shooting. Want a more serum atmosphere, aka use the one on one duel mode. Each player has the right to complete more than 40 missions. Until finally found the real wild west.

6. Dungeon Hunter 5

The plot of the story in the game Dungeon Hunter 5 is the same as the hack and slash gameplay. This one game requires players to cut the head of the enemy that is blocking the journey to complete the mission. In addition, players can also maximize armor and weapons on a regular basis. The farther the level of the game, the higher the difficulty level faced.

You will also find it difficult to defeat the enemy. Dungeon Hunter 5 game does not make you adventure alone. But it can invite friends and other players to play together with the co-operative feature. Enjoy the excitement of the Dungeon Hunter 5 game from Android or gamepad. / Dy

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